CowoShare – Condividere le esperienze dei coworking

Cowoshare by Cowo: eventi coworking di condivisione della conoscenza

CowoShare = Incontri di formazione e divulgazione su temi collegati al Coworking.

CowoShare 6 del 19 gennaio 2019:




CowoShare 5 del 30 settembre 2017:


CowoShare Coworking e Istituzioni a Milano by Rete Cowo

CowoShare 4 del 19 novembre 2016:


CowoShare 3 del 25 giugno 2016:


CowoShare 2 del 3 ottobre 2015:


CowoShare 1 del 14 marzo 2015


Il primo CowoShare si è tenuto a Milano il 14/3/2015 ed è stato dedicato a due attività dell’Osservatorio Permanente Cowo® sul Coworking:

      • chiusura partecipata Ricerca 2015 sui Cowo Manager
      • co-progettazione Ricerca 2016 sull’impatto del coworking

Abbiamo lavorato insieme al direttore scientifico dell’Osservatorio: Ivana Pais (Università Cattolica di Milano), validamente affiancata da Silvia Ivaldi (Università Cattolica di Milano).

L’incontro si è tenuto nel magnifico salone all’ultimo piano della Libreria Feltrinelli in Stazione Centrale a Milano.

Per seguire online: live twitting sul canale Twitter Cowo® con hashtag #cowoshare.


Coworking communities have so much to share that an informal exchange of information always goes on, either online or offline.

We felt it was necessary to shape this stream. That’s why we set up CowoShare meetings: to share knowledge and information.

First CowoShare: Milan, March 14th @ Libreria Feltrinelli
Stazione Milano Centrale

Together we’ll complete the 2014 research about the Cowo® Managers, which was led by professor Ivana Pais’ team doing over 100 interviews.

But we won’t stop: together we’ll also plan the 2015 research, focusing on the impact of coworking.

The idea of a co-planning was developed by professor Ivana Pais, who managed to find a kind of research which is perfect for a subject like coworking and sharing economy. We really thank her for this entirely new vision.

We know it’s a hard work…

…but we also know that it will strengthen our consciousness on coworking, stressing out how our everyday work is getting more and more relevant for the territory and its own economy.

In the meanwhile the coworking community will have a preview on the contents of the 2015 research.

They appear to be quite interesting, and we’d like to discuss them before we decide to make them public.

March 14th 2015, save the date!

You can also follow our live twitting on Cowo® Twitter channel, using the hashtag #cowoshare1.

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