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I have a space I want to dedicate to coworking. What’s the first step to join Coworking Project by Cowo?

Send the application, of course! You can download it here.

Coworking Project will give you an answer within 10 days.


In order to have a coworking space, do I have to join Cowo?

Of course not.

Coworking is a worldwide trend, and you can find many references online, such as the renowned Google Group.

Coworking Project by Cowo is not about a commercial franchising, but a free affiliation of spaces wiling to share a common vision, and communicate with the same logo.


If I join the project, will you send coworkers to my space?

This is something we are not able to do, of course (we’d be liers if we promised such a thing!).

What we can do, is address online requests coming from your area to you, should they leave a comment on this blog or send an email to us.

Agreements and deals we may have as a network (such as the hotel deal we have in Italy) may help, as well our online communities (check the two listings on NomadWork home page, about people offering coworking space and people looking for it), but we cannot make such a promise.


How can I find people interested in sharing my space?

There is no real answer to this question.

The possibility to share professional space at a sustainable price is interesting to most professionals, and can be communicated in many ways.

Speaking to one’s connections, spreading the words on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, sending the news to the local pre and the coty coverment… everything helps.

And after you get started, don’t forget that the people coming to your space are possibly the best advertising you can get, if they’re happy with what you give them.


I already have a coworking space. Can I join anyway?

Of course, we’d be honoured.


Can a business center join Coworking Project by Cowo?

We have thought about this possibility, and about the differences between coworking and business centres.

We have found these points of difference.

– a business center acts accordingly to a business plan, whereas coworking has rewards also in terms of human relations and networking

– in a business center is not common to make connections, in a coworking space it’s the rule

– business centers are usually managed by hired personnel, coworking spaces are run by the owner or the landlord of the space, who dedicates energy and passion to coworking

These are the reasons that make us feel that Cowo’s vision is far from business centers’.

This doesn’t mean we exclude any possibility: if a business center shares the coworking values as we intend them, we are ready to talk.


Who owns the Cowo® logo? Why is it a registered trademark?

The Cowo logo is proprerty of the company who created this program, an Italian communication agency called Monkey Business/advertising in the jungle srl. Monkey Business is active in coworking since April 2008I, when its founders decided to share their office space in Milan.

It has been registerd in order to create a precise identity for this network, and protect its value over time.


But what is the purpose of having a logo?

On one side, there’s obviously no need for a logo to share a coworking space. On the other hand, we feel that a visual identity can be useful in identifying those coworking spaces operating with a special care for quality and motivation.


Why is there a fee to pay? Can’t we just build a free network, based on shared tools?

A serious commitment requires a lot of work, as well as some investements.

We think that counting on a small but fixed revenue, the project has more chances to succeed.


Why does the affiliation last 12 months?

Because it is a time long enough to understand how to handle a coworking space, but it’s also not too involving.

In this way you have the time to try and then, after 12 months, you can decide if it’s convenient for you to continue.


After the year is over, can I continue my coworking activities even I don’t renew the Cowo affiliation?

Of course.

The only thing you will not be allowed to do is to use the Cowo logo.


Da un punto di vista legale/amministrativo, come si inquadra il coworking?

La legislazione italiana al momento non prevede casistiche specifiche, ma può essere tranquillamente inquadrato come una condivisione di strutture.


Avete pensato alla privacy? La legge cosa prevede?

Le norme sulla privacy e sul trattamento dei dati sono molto chiare.

Anche per questo abbiamo redatto un apposito accordo scritto, che inquadra il rapporto con i coworker nel rispetto delle leggi vigenti.


Is it mandatory to have a company, to join Cowo?

Our project is designed to open coworking spaces within existing companies and active professional spaces.


Why does Coworking Project by Cowo set maximum prices?

Because we think that no coworking is possible where prices are high.

Being coworking a collaborative workstyle, the attitude has to be towards sustainability. That doesn’t mean we are against profit, we just think that coworking is about people first, business second.


What’s the development plan of this network?

We don’t know. This project is a side activity of the people at the Monkey Business agency, who find it interesting to develop it without any set decision, just riding the wave as it comes.


What is the purpose of the PR material you provide?

We give some PR mterial to all affiliates because it’s a way to make coworking known, along with many others.

To increase coworking’s awareness about coworking is of interest to the whole coworking community.


Does the prorgram protect me from “competitors”? How can I be sure there won’t be another Cowo around the corner from my place?

We cannot give such form of protection, Cowo is not a business organization.

Besides, it makes sense to think exactly the opposite: the more coworking spaces, the larger the market for all spaces. Even though coworking is a major trend, still the majority of people ignore this workstyle, therefore it’s more convenient for all cowokring spaces to encourage new openings.


I’m often away. Can I rent my space while I travel?

In realtà, il coworking prevede una compresenza del titolare, altrimenti è una normale locazione.


Is the desk personal? Can it be used by more people?

Generally, it’s better if it’s considered personal (it’s easier to manage it this way).


What about opening times? Is it better to have a set schedule, or to decide according to coworkers?

It’s a personal choice, just remember that everyone’s needs are different, so find a way to give a good service meeting peope’s needs but also giving some kind of rule. This holds true especially if you have many people coming to your space.


Why does Coworking Project by Cowo encourage the free drop-in?

Well, as said, we think that coworking is a collaborative attitude. whenever a nomad worker is in your town, it’s a chance for both you to extend your network, and it’s not going to change your life whether you charge her for using your space for 2 hours.

In any case,  it’s a personal choice, and can be handled asking to be contacted beforehand.


In case I have a problem with a coworker, can I ask you for help?

We have put great effort in these web pages to set everything straight, in order to enable everyone to run their space smoothly from dai 1.

Anyway, in case of need we’ll try to help to understand the problm and finding a sustainable way out.

On this matter, we count on the fact that all Cowo spaces share their experiences so to contribute to the network knowledge base (this does not apply to problems only, of course!).


What kind of furniture should I provide?

Desk, chair, light, waste-paper basket, bookshelf or some containing piece of furniture.


Should I leave the office keys to coworkers?

It’s always a personal choice. What you must do is to provide access to the space in the scheduled opening hours.


Is there a written agreement between coworking owner and user?

Yes there is, we provide it to all affiliates.

It is mandatory to use it, for it’s a two-way assurance that every aspect of the relationship is taken care of.


Why is affiliation so cheap?

We think that a moderate fee encourages more spaces to join the network, laying the foundations for a broader knowledge of the project, which will bring increased value to Cowo altogether.


When is the affiliation fee due?

At the momento you join.


As an affiliate to Coworking Project by Cowo, do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, we both do, in order to state clearly the terms of the affiliation program and the service you will get from Cowo.

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Monkey business/advertising in the jungle srl

02/2151581 – skype massimomonkey

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