Wish. (On coworking conferences).

Wish we could go to all conferences we get invited to (we get a lot of invitations… thanks guys!).

Wish we had time and energy to meet all the wonderful people in coworking, worldwide. Wish we could listen to all the great speakers, and maybe network with them over a beer, afterwards.

Wish we could go to Austin, Tokio, Paris, Cardedeu, Alessandria, Madrid, Fontier Cabardès every year.

Wish we had public funding, so it would be easier for us to share resources. Wish we had private sponsors that freed us from our day jobs, and from moonlighting, often, too often.

Wish we were there with you. At the coworking conference.

We may not be.

Bear with us, we won’t be at the beach, nor watching the ballgame. For sure, we’ll be at the coworking space (possibly watching the conference online).

We’ll be taking care of our project, an eye on the conference, en eye on our day job, an eye on coworkers, an eye on new requests, an eye… (how many eyes do we need, to keep focused?).

We’ll be looking after our baby, trying to make it grow, like every day. No “epic shit” (quote), just normal stuff… fixing the web platform, maybe, or helping out someone in the community. Doing email work.

Wish we could stand up and offer you another Keynote (we have done some, over the years) where we tell you how wonderful coworking is, where coworking is still unknown, except to some courageous Cowo manager out there… places like Surbo, Cordenons, Sassari, Omegna, Bassano del Grappa, Sovico, Tortona. These people are not only opening their offices, they’re opening their towns to coworking, one coworker at the time. So proud of them.

So, we may miss a conference or two, but we’ll be connected.

We’ll be with you.

We’ll listen and we’ll talk. We’ll share with the community.

We’ll be coworking :-)

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