Reviews for the Cowo Network from Coworking Managers.

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Monica Cecchinelli
Cowo Manager Coworking MILANO RUBATTINO since 2016 – See Space
Score: 5/5
The essential help to launch yourself into the Coworking adventure!
Well prepared, participating and nice!

Dario Albini
Cowo Manager Coworking MILANO ISOLA since 2012 – See Space
Score: 5/5
It’s almost impossible for me to think of Coworking in Italy without imagining the red logo with the two smiles and the word ‘Cowo’ in the middle.
Since I joined it years ago, the tools available to grow my Coworking space have multiplied considerably.
Bureaucratic support, forms, advice on communication, SEO … in general, a very valuable know-how for those who manage or plan to open a space, that Max and his team have built in the field since 2008 (!!).
But this is only part of the benefits.
Perhaps the most beautiful thing is to see the actual values that are at the base of the concept of Coworking put into practice, tangibly and naturally: sharing, willingness, enthusiasm.
Rete Cowo is not only the reference for the Coworking movement in Italy, but it is also a great example in putting values into practice.

Mary Orfino
Cowo Manager Coworking TORINO BLISS since 2012 – See Space
Score: 5/5
Five years of beautiful membership!
In these years we have received professional support, useful and interesting advice to start the business and keep it alive.
Rete Cowo makes us feel part of a community and therefore always at the center of all new initiatives and activities.
Thanks to Max Carraro for everything he does every day!
… A tip: if you decide to open a Coworking in your city become a member of Cowo: my score is 5 stars and more

Paola Cogotti
Cowo Manager Coworking SELARGIUS CAGLIARI since 2016 – See Space
Score: 5/5
I’m a part of Rete Cowo and the only thing I can say is that I am really happy to be part of this great family! A special thank to Massimo and Laura for their competence. 

Iris Montebello
Cowo Manager Coworking VILLASTELLONE (Torino) since 2014 – See Space
Score: 5/5
Always present when we needed it most, expert and helpful to satisfy the doubts of our coworkers. 

Alberto Marchi
Cowo Manager Coworking LECCO CENTRO since 2014 – See Space
Score: 5/5
I met Cowo in 2014 and since the beginning I appreciated and shared their focuses, the spirit and the method. Cowo is the Coworking essence: work together not only in the same Coworking space, but also between others Coworkings in harmony and partnership. An intuition as simple as brilliant: thank you and well done to Massimo Carraro!  Have a nice Cowo to everybody!

Francesca Gagliardi
Cowo Manager Coworking SAVONA CENTRO since 2013 – See Space
Score: 5/5
Knowing the people of Cowo Network and attend meetings between coworker made me realize that joining the network was a good idea and that together we are really doing something good. Thank you all.

Emilia Barilli
Cowo Manager Coworking MILANO FIERA SEMPIONE since 2013 – See Space
Score: 5/5
I started with Cowo 4 years ago and I’m thrilled!
It was a great help to me, in a difficult moment, to start this experience and make my study available: it was great to meet people with whom I could share and collaborate, also beyond work.
Thanks to Massimo, who always encourage and supports.

Renato Pegolotti
Cowo Manager Coworking MILANO BICOCCA since 2016 – See Space
Score: 5/5
It is now a year since I joined Rete Cowo. A fundamental support both in starting the new space and in giving us the tools to organize it at its best!

Silviamaria Placidi
Cowo Manager Coworking ROMA PUNTO TRASTEVERE since 2016 – See Space
Score: 5/5
Since a year in Rete Cowo® … and it’s just the beginning!
We are enthusiastic about this initiative that has exceeded expectations.
The professionalism, expertise and willingness of the staff was an indispensable help, rare qualities nowadays!
Thanks Massimo!

Lorena Prandi
Cowo Manager LEGNANO COWORKING (Milano) since 2016 – See Space
Score: 5/5
I entered the world of Rete Cowo only a few months ago and I’m very happy!!
I received support in every moment: from the decision to open LegnanoCoworking to every administrative and organizational problem and above all communication problems.
Thanks Massimo for your great availability for all of us in the Cowo family!!

Alessandro Fiorio
Cowo Manager Coworking VERONA ORDINE INGEGNERI since 2012 – See Space
Score: 5/5
Score to Rete Cowo: a deserved 5 out of 5.

Romilda Mainolfi
Cowo Manager Coworking MONTEROTONDO (Roma) since 2013 – See Space
Score: 5/5
A really good project indeed, Cowo, and congratulations to Massimo Carraro for bringing it to Italy!

Maria Gabriela Lucca
Cowo Manager Coworking MESTRE VIA TORINO (Venezia) since 2016 – See Space
Score: 5/5
Beautiful experience. It is a pleasure to come and work every day!!!

Nicola Pisani
Cowo Manager Coworking SAVONA CENTRO since 2013 – See Space
Score: 5/5
 I have been part of the Cowo Network since 4 years now and have always received professional and competent support.
Both when advise was need  to start the Coworking, then for doubts on the administrative part, and to define communication strategies. I will continue to be part of this network of people, which also greatly increases my visibility on the web.

Adriana Spitaleri
Cowo Manager Coworking MESTRE VIA TORINO (Venezia) since 2016 – See Space
Score: 5/5
Until last year we did not know what Coworking was. Today, we can only say: Thank you Massimo! We have entered a network made up of people with a great spirit of sharing and collaboration.

Gigliola Fontani
Cowo Manager Coworking Manager AREZZO CONFARTIGIANATO since 2014 – See Space
Score: 5/5
 Cowo Network is a reference point, or rather, the benchmark for excellence when it comes to Coworking!
In Massimo Carraro we found a serious, competent, helpful and enthusiastic interlocutor who was able to create a winning network!!!

Massimiliano Pampaloni
Cowo Manager Coworking VILLASTELLONE (Torino) since 2014 – See Space
Score: 4/5
Competent and available, prepared and valuable for those who work in the spaces and for those who offer spaces to work.

Lucilla Magliulo
Cowo Manager Coworking MILANO STAZIONE CENTRALE since 2012 – See Space
Score: 5/5
Cowo is not a form of business, Cowo is a FAMILY and as in all good families there is a project,  some goals, passion and  good rules as well.
We have those who guide us and guide us well, we have learned to manage our spaces enjoying every day the opportunity and the good chance to meet good people with good intentions. And this enriches so much!
A hint to Massimo Carraro :-)

Benedetta Galazzo
Cowo Manager Coworking MILANO ORTICA since 2009 – See Space
Score: 5/5
Future is now! Thanks Massimo for all the enthusiasm and creativity that you put in order to feed this developing organism!
Future is now!

Pietro Resteghini
Cowo Manager Coworking FABERLAB TRADATE (Varese) since 2013 – See Space
Score: 5/5
Are you searching for a place that can stimulate you, make you grow up but then stay glued to reality? There it is!

Stefano Pavani
Cowo Manager Coworking REGGIO EMILIA CNA since 2013 – See Space
Score: 5/5
Competence,  expertise and willingness.
Rare quality nowadays!
Thanks to Massimo and his entire team.

Carlo Reggiani
Cowo Manager Coworking VERONA ORDINE INGEGNERI since 2011 – See Space
Score: 5/5
If you say Coworking in Italy you say Rete Cowo! Since 10 years, the Cowo project represents a network not only of physical spaces, but of network and projects between people and ideas.
Thanks to the tenacity and enthusiasm of Massimo Carraro, coworking has become a stable reality in our cities and continues to grow. Thanks Max!

Angelo Bongio
Cowo Manager Coworking FABERLAB TRADATE (Varese) sincel 2013 – See Space
Score: 5/5
The stars are not enough, to describe the beauty of these places and how generative Rete Cowo is! Bella lì!

Beatrice Amodeo
Cowo Manager Coworking ROMA MONTEVERDE since 2012 – See Space
Score: 5/5
5 out of 5 score, of course!

Fabio Burlando
Cowo Manager Coworking GENOVA DEFERRARI since 2010 – See Space
Score: 5/5
Massimo Carraro, full of innovation, moderation and ethics.
What else can be told about those who have spread the working solution in Italy which today seems normal to us?
You can say SIX STARS!

Salvatore Rigaglia
Cowo Manager Coworking GIARDINI NAXOS MESSINA since 2014 – See Space
Score: 5/5
The top of the Coworking world.
High professionalism and great willingness for those who embrace this great opportunity of sharing both in real life and in Rete Cowo.

Giorgia Amoruso
Cowo Manager Coworking ROMA MONTEVERDE since 2012 – See Space
Score: 5/5
This is my vote: 5 of 5 for sure. 

Emanuela Dal Pozzo
Cowo Manager Coworking MILANO BOCCONI since 2016 – See Space
Score: 5/5
The maximum of the score: 5!

Andrea Mareschi
Cowo Manager Coworking PARMA CNA since 2012 – See Space
Score 5/5
Rating 5, no doubt.

Benvenuti in Cowo®, la Rete dei Coworking Indipendenti.