The founders of Cowo Coworking Network.

Meet Laura Coppola and Massimo Carraro, the COWO founders.

The COWO® idea was conceived by Laura Coppola and Massimo Carraro, partners of Monkey Business, the communication agencyThe founders of Cowo Coworking Network Laura Coppola e Massimo Carraro who decided to open up its Milan offices to the Coworking experience on April 1, 2008.

Since then… they never stopped sharing their space, and – the following year, 2009 – launched the COWO® Network Affiliation Program.

The COWO® Network gives the plug-and-play solution kit to  start a Coworking activity to anyone who is in the position to share a professional workspace.

Nowadays (2018) the COWO® Network counts 130 Coworking Spaces in 73 Italian cities + Lugano (Switzerland).

The founders of Cowo Coworking Network Milano ItalyLaura and Max manage the Network from their desks @ the Milan headquarters, in via Ventura 3. The place is – of course – a Coworking space (the first opened in Italy)  working spot of a lively and fun Coworking community, made of about 20 freelancers, entrepreneurs and consultants.

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Benvenuti in Cowo®, la Rete dei Coworking Indipendenti.