The best coworking blogs in the world by the dozen (and all in the same place).

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Even if we are an Italy-based community, we’ve always tried to keep in touch with the bigger picture, as far as coworking and shared space is concerned.

That’s why we happen to make “open questions” to international coworking thinkers, that’s why we publish coworking presentations in English, that’s why, well, we try to write a few international posts now and then.

Besides, we also manage the International online Community NomadWork, now up to 635 people from all over the planet.

One good way to stay tuned with what happens in the rest of the coworking world is – of course – to read blogs.

Over the years, we have found that the following could be the best ones around (but, please, don’t get offended if you think we missed yours: we are far from being sure of our choice, and more than ready to include you in the list ;-)

  1. Global Coworking Blog – The mother of all coworking spaces (from the Us)
  2. Deskmag – All the news that’s fit to print on coworking (from Berlin)
  3. Dangereously AwesomeIndipendents’ Hall founder Alex Hillman personal blog (from Philadelphia, Us)
  4. Happy MonsterNew Work City‘s mayor Tony Bacigalupo writes here (NY)
  5. Mutinerie – News and rants from the Van der Broek frères in Paris
  6. Diary of a Mad Freelancer – Princess Jones from New York City reports
  7. Workbar – From Boston, Cambridge + a network of coworking spaces within companies (something like us)
  8. BetaCowork – Ramon Suarez’ coworking band rocks on in Brussels
  9. Plymouth Coworking – Sabrina Simpson’s coworking activities in England
  10. Craig Baute’s Blog – Indipendent coworking thinker and consultant, founder of Density Coworking in Denver
  11. Worksnug – Connecting nomad workers with mobile technology, from London
  12. [Ha ha ha] Cowo

In case you are interested, we are now publishing a one-post feed from all of them on NomadWork home page, so we to be able to see at a glance what the important guys are up to :-)


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