Cowo’s 5 questions to Coworking Europe. Mindaugas Danys’ 5 answers.

Coworking Manager Mindaugas DanysMindaugas Danys is the manager of Hub Vilnius, the first coworking space of Lithuania.

His space has been running for almost a year now, and he speaks about this experience as he answers Cowo’s 5 questions to the Coworking Europe Conference Members.

We are not sure whether Mindaugas will be at the Berlin conference, but he surely is a well-connected professional, so it’s always possible to reach him through FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn.

Thank you for sharing, Mindaugas!


Has your own life changed since you practice coworking?


For me the biggest motivation behind opening the space was to be a changemaker and bring some social innovations to Lithuania.
However sometimes I feel that perhaps it was too early, or I did something wrong, cause it’s difficult to keep the place growing and members stay.


Is coworking a commodity (i.e. the chance to share an office with little money) or a strategic option (i.e. a platform for all kind of sinergies)?


I’d prefer to look into coworking as a platform, however motivation of members is different, some see it as a utility some as a chance for personal growth and social changes.

After all these years of discussing, I think we should know by now if business rhymes with coworking. Does it?

With my experience I don’t see how coworking can become a business option, perhaps, and only, if it is used as a bi-tool by some venture capitalists and business angels who utilize serendipity to increase acceleration of their startup investees.
No chances of making it a business all by itself.


Considering the media craze, the flourishing of spaces, the many online tools coworking-related and… why not,this conference itself, do you envision the risk of tranforming coworking in a sort of bubble, where a minority just trying to make money spoils the beauty of the idea, ultimately depriving the word coworking of its true meaning?


Since I don’t believe in commercial viability of coworking, I don’t see it as a threat.
On the other hand overexcitment leads to opening of more spaces without getting sustainable, thus ruining the credibility of the concept in the first place.
It’ s a much bigger threat than someone trying to make business out of coworking.


What are your feelings about coworking as a public service, just like schooling or health services?


I believe that coworking should become a norm both literally and theoretically, it should be everywhere and in different forms.

Flexibility, connectivity, sharing and openness has to take over the public space.

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