Deskmag Coworking Survey preliminary results.

The first results of the Coworking Survey promoted by deskmag – online magazine about the new ways and spaces of work – are out!

While some more time is needed to get deeper results out of data, the researchers have found out that what coworkers like the most is the friendly atmosphere which other coworker make enjoyable.

As far as provided services go, the internet connection is the most important (well, we knew that ;-).

No particular interest in ping-pong (!) nor – for that matter – in other recreational activities, while a 24/7 access seems to be liked by the majority of coworkers. As to the ideal size of space/community, less than 20 is the magic number.

Furthermore: flexibility rules (no personal desk needed by 57%), and copiers, kitchen, café facilities, meeting rooms are welcome by most people.

Thanks to DeskMag, Lukas De Pellegrin (who had conducted an earlier research on Berlin’s coworking spaces) and Carsten Foertsch for their work, which was very nicely developed on a global scale, interviewing 661 persons in 24 countries. Well done!

Read the original article on deskmag.

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