In 2011, maybe you should read the Coworking Google Group instead of this.

Well, there’s an online conversation about coworking that has been going on for years now, with almost 3,000 people from everywhere on earth.

It’s the Coworking Google Group, which anyone can read, and to which anyone can freely contribute.

There you’ll find thousands of posts and messages regarding all coworking-related subjects, from business plan suggestions to child-care coworking, besides files, useful links and a lot more… in short: whatever you’ll ever need to know about coworking. And a lesson in sharing information in the digital age, too.

That’s why I’ve publicly declared that my proposition for the new year will be read the Coworking Google Group every day.

Because information, communication and sharing is what it’s all about :-)

Happy 2011 everyone!

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