The Cowo Membership. What we offer, what we ask.

Next Cowo space in Moscow?
Next Cowo space in Moscow?

Cowo’s idea of building a network of coworking spaces has reached global attention, so we thought it might be the time for a post in English.

You never know where Cowo goes next, as you can see in the above picture ;-)

The Cowo Membership: what we have to offer.

Cowo Basic affiliation:

1. Presence of your space on, with:
welcome post in home page + dedicated page, with all the related information including photos and contact reference + listing in the Cowo directory and Cowo Map + link in home page

2. Pdf manual about coworking best practices “Coworking, what’s it all about? What we have learned by sharing our space since 2008”

3. Pdf manual regarding fiscal, legal and insurance best practices in coworking (subject to availability for your country)

4. Regular “Contract for the provision of coworking services” to regulate relationships with coworkers and related service providing

5. Unlimited use of the “Cowo” registered trademark for 12 months

6. Mention in the Cowo monthly newsletter, with link to your coworking space (the newsletter is actually mailed to over 400 people, if you are interested in reciving it please leave your email address)

7. Dedicated photo set on the Flickr

8. Hotel discount rates in 7 Italian cities, thanks to the agreement with the Camplus Group

9. PR printed material: no. 20 Cowokits (no. 20 Cowo folders + press release + no. 20 Cowo pins)

10. Social media management: online conversations on coworking-related blogs, forums and discussion groups: community management on Facebook, Linkedin and NomadWork; plus conversation/content management on Twitter, Flickr, Slideshare, Youtube.

Cowo Premium affiliation:

1. All services included in the Basic option

2. Direct message about the opening of your Cowo space to the +600 people members of the Cowo online communities on NomadWork and LinkedIn, with link to your Cowo’s page

3. Cowo designed two-page digital brochure (.pdf) about your Cowo space; useful for printing or direct-mail purposes

4. Upload of your digital brochure in three points of (welcome post in home page, presentation page, Cowo directory) so to be downloadable by site’s users

5. Unlimited use of the Cowo advertising format for press ads (newspapapers, magazines, posters), including 3 hi-res files, ready to print

6. Publication of a video describing your Cowo space on, on Cowo Youtube channel and on NomadWork online community

7. Publication of up to 6 articles (not promotion-oriented) on (83.000 views in 2010)

8. Publication of up to 6 news (not promotion-oriented) in Cowo’s newsletter, mailed monthly to +400 motivated people

The Cowo Membership: what we ask to join the network.

  • One or more workspaces
  • Collaborative professional environment
  • Internet connection (WiFi recommended)
  • VAT number
  • Daily presence in the coworking space
  • Care to the provide a truly excellent coworking experience, in all aspects (space, service, commitment)
  • Yearly fee of Euro 250 (basic option) or Euro 500 (premium option), + 20% vat

Interested in joining? Ok, then download the Cowo application!

[Photo credits: Loan Truong of Cowo Milano/S. Ambrogio]


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